The Chairs in the Room

2022, Architecture

In Collaboration with
Jack Wu @j.vvu
Oliver Ray-Chaudhuri @oliverrayc
Calvin Feng @_krebs_cycle_
Dian Wang @dian.wang
William Chen @wlliam.chen

Oct 2022
Late Night Art,
Heart of the City,
Auckland, NZ

Dec 2022
Studio One Toi Tū,
Auckland, NZ
A family of 25, bonded by their roots in a process of change and improvisation with limited means. These are ‘almost’ chairs; transfigured from their raw and processed timber beginnings, not quite civilized; not quite furniture. Once hosting conversations and inspiring imagination, the family reunites to share stories of separate journeys. They are the empty seats at the table, quiet beside the elephant; no more than arranged material artifacts, waiting again to be reborn.

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